Thursday, June 2, 2011

Primary Lesson

So--a couple weeks ago I taught Primary as a substitute. I taught the lesson about Jesus healing the blind man--the man He healed on the Sabbath.

Well--I utilized many ideas from the Primary manual of course. But--I DID NOT use a blind-fold.

I don't know--I have personal issues with that. I do think that experiencing what it may be like for someone with a disability can be a good thing--but too often students and people don't truly gain empathy--instead they learn to feel sorry for someone with a disability or something...

Anyway--so--instead I had the students just close their eyes and try to draw a picture. They "got it" pretty well.

Anyway--here was the funny part: I found a "Find the Hidden Picture" page in the Friend Magazine that I copied. It ended up being a great part of the lesson (used it as an object lesson), which almost worked better than anything else I did.

Then we combined for Sharing Time--and the younger class and teacher had done the same thing!!! So funny!!! They had worked on it together--while my 10 and 11 years old were VERY independent!

But--my point? USE THE FRIEND MAGAZINE!!!! It created a great part of this lesson--but the Friend can also be used to create great adaptations and modifications for children with different abilities!!!

Here's the link to the Friend Magazine. Love it!

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