Monday, September 3, 2012

Look! They did it for me!

So-- As a new full time prof. I have NO TIME whatsover--- But--don't want to completely "dis" on this blog either. I have 3 entries for "My Writing" just waiting for a Sunday when I can take them off of paper, and onto this blog. But--for right now--I want to show you an AWESOME website: Look!!! They did the adapting FOR US!!! Now--at first look, most of these look like basic lessons (for ALL AGES!!!) But once you delve a little deeper, just imagine how easy this makes adapting lessons for someone with a disability (especially when doing inclusive classes--so many of the activities are so hands on and PERFECT for adapting). Accommodations and Modifications are basically built in!!! In fact--I'd say most of the lessons (although I have not looked at all of them, obviously) are very Universally Designed for Gospel Learning! So--once I get around to it (ha ha)--I will continue to post my "sample" adapted "home bound" Primary lessons. But--otherwise, I greatly suggest using the webpage above for all your adapting, home-bound, or other needs!!!! Thank you someone for having the time I don't to have done this!! I LOVE not having to remake the wheel!!!