Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I'm currently working on....

So, I'm currently working on this project. It's an adaptation of the Primary Manuals.

Granted--right now I'm starting with just 1---the 2nd CTR manual.

But, I see such things being used both by kiddo's with disabilities who need something simplified, by their teachers and parents,

And hopefully by kiddo's who are "homebound" and maybe aren't able currently to go to Primary at Church.

Most of the things included in this are straight from the Primary manual (i.e the scriptures, the song is from the Hymnal, the questions). The stories and pictures are from old Family Home Evening Manuals (those things are very useful!!!), and I will likely get stuff from the Friend website as well. I did use some clip art from this website:

I'm trying to stick with blacklines mainly, but may expand if needed.

Granted, I don't want anyone to look at these and think: Gee, that will make-up for Primary, so why go? Cause that's so not the point!!! The point is to make Primary as accessible as possible for all kiddo's!!!! But, if any of this can come in handy for a Primary teacher who needs accommodations or modifications, so much the better!

Oh, I also used this website to access the Hymnal and Primary Song Books on line. That' is just awesome that they're all there already!!!!,17929,4782-1-1,00.html#nullLink

Okay--so to access the PDF of the first lesson of this accommodated Primary book click on the following link:

Click on the Link for the PDF Primary book CTR document. This will open the PDF and then you can look at it :)