Sunday, December 13, 2009

Posted 2 more


Posted 2 more Primary lessons. They're both adapted from the LDS Church's new Nursery/Sunbeams Manual, which is the best, in my opinion. One is for Sunbeams, the second is really simplified, for Nursery. Again, focused for homebound kiddos who need Primary too---but can be utilized for any kiddos who need adapted Primary stuff.

Also--totally not trying to "break" copyright. Thus, all pictures/blacklines in these come straight from the LDS manual. Giving credit where credit is due!


P.S. Creating a ton more--but they won't be posted for a while--as I have to get them done for my nieces and nephew who need them first!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I'm currently working on....

So, I'm currently working on this project. It's an adaptation of the Primary Manuals.

Granted--right now I'm starting with just 1---the 2nd CTR manual.

But, I see such things being used both by kiddo's with disabilities who need something simplified, by their teachers and parents,

And hopefully by kiddo's who are "homebound" and maybe aren't able currently to go to Primary at Church.

Most of the things included in this are straight from the Primary manual (i.e the scriptures, the song is from the Hymnal, the questions). The stories and pictures are from old Family Home Evening Manuals (those things are very useful!!!), and I will likely get stuff from the Friend website as well. I did use some clip art from this website:

I'm trying to stick with blacklines mainly, but may expand if needed.

Granted, I don't want anyone to look at these and think: Gee, that will make-up for Primary, so why go? Cause that's so not the point!!! The point is to make Primary as accessible as possible for all kiddo's!!!! But, if any of this can come in handy for a Primary teacher who needs accommodations or modifications, so much the better!

Oh, I also used this website to access the Hymnal and Primary Song Books on line. That' is just awesome that they're all there already!!!!,17929,4782-1-1,00.html#nullLink

Okay--so to access the PDF of the first lesson of this accommodated Primary book click on the following link:

Click on the Link for the PDF Primary book CTR document. This will open the PDF and then you can look at it :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's some of my first ideas:

So, here are some great things that I have used, or have found that may be helpful. One of my friends found this to make flannel boards for her toddler, but I think they could be helpful for any child, and in many ways---just to make Primary lessons more visual, or interactive!!! There are a ton you can download--all for free!! I'll also post this site address on the side of the blog:

Old Friend Flannel Board Story Downloads:

Of course, here is the Church's website--which is well improved.

Some of the best stuff I've used that the Church has produced:

Scripture Stories

The Scripture Stories have been greatly improved since I was a kid. I use them in the Special Needs (hate that phrase, but no other phrase to use right now) Seminary class, along with the Lesson Plan book that comes with them, and the DVD set, and they're awesome! They help so much to make the scriptures visual and usable for the student that I work with! (And the music is not as freaky weird as it once was). I can see them as useful for kids, youth, and adults. Actually, I really wish that these could be paired for people with more significant disabilities in regular Sunday School classes, and the Teacher's Manual being given to the Sunday School Teachers so the teachers might know better how to include those with significant disabilities in their age appropriate Sunday School class (including the adult class).

Oh--even can download them right on-line now!!! Awesome!

Old Testament Visual Resources

Kay--I was SO excited to see this!!! I actually had just told my mom how I wish the Church would put something like this together....and like 3 weeks later they put it out!! The Church has a pretty good Church History set of DVD's that is out, but it doesn't have everything this does! Can't wait to get one!

Church Art Book

This is another one that I had just mentioned I wished the Church would create! Imagine the possibilities for this one....from cutting up the photo's (probably want to buy 2) for kids who need that, to making things SO visual!! Awesome!! Just identification aides for kids with more significant disabilities. Seriously so cool!

New Nursery Manual

Okay--so, hello!!! I sure hope the Church updates all of their manuals so they're more like this one (ya--I'm saying they ALL need a major updating...I know, how gutsy of me to say). But, this manual just rocks. Imagine buying more than one!!! And even utilizing it in more than one age group for a kid who needs visuals or interactive activities!! Do more, do more!!!!

LDS Friend On-line

Okay--imagine the possibilities with this site!!! So cool! I love it! I downloaded the activities for my nieces and nephews for General Conference....but imagine utilizing this site to make Primary activities interactive and accessible to everyone! Seriously, it is SO possible!

Never mind the access this gives moms and dads with kids who may be "home bound" or something!!!

New Era On-line

Yet again--let's just imagine the possibilities here!! I mean, from videos about youth serving in the Gospel, to accessible on-line versions of everything from The New Era....come one---brings accessibility for youth with all levels of abilities to a new level!!!

Okay--here are some others I utilize a ton (especially when teaching Seminary):

The scriptures on CD/tape or in ASL

Most every Church Sunday school video/Seminary DVD/Video, even the old Hold to the Rod, and others. I know, they're pretty dorky (some of them)...and out of date (I do avoid some, cause they're just too corny, or really don't teach what one would think they do), but the student I work with...if I can get things in a different format for her, like with a video, she understand the Gospel concept SO much better! I wish the Church would update them....cause 1990's hair styles have been "out" for quite a while...but at least (most) of the messages are good!

I'd love if they were in one big DVD set too! Or split up by scripture or something...

The Relief Society Literacy program Workbook. I use this EVERY week with my student (thank you Grandma for having it, and almost never using I could!) This is a program that is not well publicized. Most people have no idea it's available or out there (and I believe you have to order it through your Relief Society president). I have found it difficult to convince people that it can be SO helpful with those especially youth and young adults with lower reading levels, but the fact that it teaches basic scripture words and phrases, and practices basic reading skills using scripture phrases is SO awesome! So, I say, think outside the "box" of what it was originally created for (to improve literacy for people without disabilities), and use it for everyone!!! But, that's just my vote!

Here are some non-Church endorsed items that are Awesome:

Do 2 Learn is WAY cheaper than Boardmaker, and are continually increasing their religious pictures. Plus, they have lots of other pictures which could be useful in a Church content. I'd love to adapt the lesson manuals, say, for those with autism or other significant learning needs with pictures from here (that's my can't steal it...although I do give permission for you to use it). They also have GREAT templates which could be use (say to create a visual schedule for a kid at church, or make a reinforcement chart for church, or just to make church more interesting and exciting!)

Oh--and Ebay is a great place to find pre-made communication books and so forth for cheaper and already pre-made (which makes life SO much easier!!!) I'm not sure how many religious connected type one's you could find, but some of the sellers may be willing to make one for you, special :)

Book of Mormon Reader

I'm not usually a big fan of stuff created "about" the scriptures, that is not created specifically from/by the Church....but this one, I've actually been VERY impressed with. I got it from the CES reps I work with, and it's really awesome. I think it would be great for kids with and without disabilities. There is only one for the Book of Mormon (not one for the other scriptures), and I could only find the current version at the BYU Bookstore (blah!) but, it's good enough that I'm suggesting it anyway!

So, there are some of my most current ideas! Please share yours too! I'll try to get the websites up on the side as soon as I can!

The Beginning!

So, I've been considering and pondering about starting a blog/site like this for years (yes, years!) I am a professional who has worked in the "disability" field for almost 15 years. I have taught, worked with, and worked for people with disabilities. I have also been blessed to have friends who accepted me as a friend with a range of abilities, and have been included in church and my neighborhood with kids with disabilities since I was a year old. I love people with disabilities, but must admit, I have become frustrated at times when I have had callings that included working with those with different abilities within the Church. Although the Church has wonderful resources, some are outdated, and many do not fulfill the very specialized needs some kids, youth, and adults have in order to learn about the Gospel, and gain their fullest spiritual potential.

So, I have started this blog to create an on-line place where ideas, needs, and information can be shared about ways to help people with a range of abilities be fully included (as much as possible) in the LDS Church, and to assist those with callings who serve with those with disabilities---as well as parents, Church leaders, and so forth. There really is so much out there that can be helpful if people only knew about them!!!

So, I'd love people's input and comments! If you have a disability, please let me know what works and doesn't work for you, so we can share that! If you are a parent looking for assistance, comment about the individual needs of your child---maybe someone else has ideas that can help! If you have ideas that have worked, please share them!!! I will as well.

So, let the sharing begin!