Sunday, August 8, 2010

P.S. As a reminder

P.S. As a reminder---one of the reasons why I've purchased the DVD's and would dare to call them "Primary" on DVD is because my nephew, at times, could be considered "home bound" because of his rare lung disease. Avoiding the germs (which unfortunately, kids grow) is very important.

So--he's in need of Gospel teaching, but is unable to always "attend" Church like other kids.

I think it was in July 2010 Ensign there was a good article in the Ensign about being "Homebound and Active" (I think it was July--may have been June--sorry--it's late. Not looking it up).

Anyway--as much as I still wish more emphasis was place in the article on the Ward and Branch members making more of an independent effort (i.e. offering the Sacrament to those whom are homebound without being asked first), the article is really good, and may give a better picture on some of what families like my nephew's deal with.

Anyway--sorry to be opinionated. I try to avoid that on this blog. But...such is life.

Have not forgotten....


I have not forgotten this blog--I promise. I've just been incredibly busy finishing my P H D. That book I've had to write is long and kind of complicated. But--I'm almost through (I hope and pray) and on to the next--which I'm really excited about.

So--hope to update soon! First to fix the back ground (what is up with "The Cutest" lately? Hello! Really annoying to just lose the background of your blog)--and then to add the Sunbeams/Nursery adaptations I've completed.

BUT--I have something awesome to put on this blog. Something I've found:

I purchased one of these for my nieces and nephew. Thus far--(we only have 1 DVD--but have plans to purchase more in the future) have been AWESOME!!!

Perfect--yes for FHE--but even more--it's like "Primary" on the TV!!! The videos are cute, use the scriptures very accurately (from what I've been able to tell thus far).

I'm pretty darn picky about stuff like this--usually only suggest things the church produces--but thus far these DVD's have been heaven sent.

Oh--the best part--the kids LIKE them. They'll sit the whole hour and watch them all. They have these cute cartoon characters that display the value or Gospel principle being taught in a cute, funny away that keeps their interest.

Seriously--like Veggie Tales with the Book of Mormon (and no vegetables--and I like Veggie Tales--so don't get me wrong).

Oh--also--I actually broke down and purchased some of the Book of Mormon action figures. I was unsure about these--but bought them for my nephew who is "all boy". First the "Elders" (missionaries) are just awesome (the little one steals them from him and carries them around in her kid purse. It's hilarious!) Second--using them for lessons--when telling Book of Mormon stories to him SOOO helped him care and want to pay attention.

Third--he likes them. So--they're worth it to!!!!

So--thank you for reading. Will update soon! I guess all I can say is, I've actually broken down some of my own barriers (the DVD's and action figures) and found them helpful. I am the type of special education teacher who feels that I'll "get" it (most) anything if it will help a kid learn. And, as much as I want to ensure that the majority of what is used to teach the Gospel is from and endorsed from the Church--sometimes kids need more than the Church makes. SO--breaking some boundaries.

BUT--I'm still pretty careful--that's all I can say :)

Those DVD's ROCK!!!