Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shocked and Amazed??!!!

So--are you shocked and amazed??!!

I'm still alive--yes--I am!

I've moved, started a new job--and the loverly adventure does not seem to be over yet--but who knows what that means at this point!

Anyway--I, unfortunately, have had absolutely NO time to work on more adapted lessons. BUT--I have had time to make a "network" connection with probably my only follower on this blog (as well as some others)--so--

I will try to find time to work on them more soon!!! AND to post the ones I promised months ago!!!

BUT--here's an AWESOME link to a blog that has some GREAT Quiet Books and other items (Primary Theme Posters, etc) that she allows readers to download for free! My friend said that she just downloaded the Quiet Book pages, sent them to Cosco for printing and binding (I think binding), and there you go!

BUT--I thought they could be so useful for more than just Quiet Books!! Check them out--tell me what you think!

I"m linking you straight to the quiet books--BUT there is a ton of WONDERFUL free stuff throughout the webpage!

Anyway--I will try to do better!!! And get the lessons I promised months ago up soon!

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