Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Beginning!

So, I've been considering and pondering about starting a blog/site like this for years (yes, years!) I am a professional who has worked in the "disability" field for almost 15 years. I have taught, worked with, and worked for people with disabilities. I have also been blessed to have friends who accepted me as a friend with a range of abilities, and have been included in church and my neighborhood with kids with disabilities since I was a year old. I love people with disabilities, but must admit, I have become frustrated at times when I have had callings that included working with those with different abilities within the Church. Although the Church has wonderful resources, some are outdated, and many do not fulfill the very specialized needs some kids, youth, and adults have in order to learn about the Gospel, and gain their fullest spiritual potential.

So, I have started this blog to create an on-line place where ideas, needs, and information can be shared about ways to help people with a range of abilities be fully included (as much as possible) in the LDS Church, and to assist those with callings who serve with those with disabilities---as well as parents, Church leaders, and so forth. There really is so much out there that can be helpful if people only knew about them!!!

So, I'd love people's input and comments! If you have a disability, please let me know what works and doesn't work for you, so we can share that! If you are a parent looking for assistance, comment about the individual needs of your child---maybe someone else has ideas that can help! If you have ideas that have worked, please share them!!! I will as well.

So, let the sharing begin!

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